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Cymbals of Tree Rings, 2013


On an island in the Caribbean Sea, a breathtaking backdrop provides inspiration. In her collection of fresh, engaging verse, poet Audrey Atherley shares imagery that provides a unique perspective into the landscape of Barbados as well as what it is like to live as a West Indian in New York. Atherley paints a colourful picture of Barbados life the shouts of the market vendor, the songs of birds, the smell of raw fish and sea eggs, and the sight of the fishing boats at Skeetes Bay. She also explores the feelings she experienced while attempting to acclimate to life in America, as the spring trees bloomed in Madison Square Garden and leaves changed colour along the New Jersey Turnpike. Joy, sadness, and a sense of overriding hope connect Atherleys personal recollections and transform them into relatable poems that genuinely express a multitude of emotions.Celebrating life in a variety of ways, Cymbals of Tree Rings reflects the sights and sounds of a Caribbean island and the thoughts and experiences of a West Indian poet in the United States.

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